01.high cost

Store rents and labor continue to rise, resulting in high car washing costs;

02.low efficiency

It takes 30 minutes for two workers to wash a car. With 10 hours/day working time, two workers can only wash 20 cars;

03.Difficult to find

The limited space for staff development and limited income have led to frequent turnover of car washers;

04.Heavy pollution

Traditional car washes that consume large amounts of water and electricity, and have high pollution from car wash liquids, are encountering development bottlenecks that cannot be surpassed, which lack uniform service standards;

05.Poor experience

The homogeneity of service providers is serious, the competition pressure is high, the fees are not transparent, and they fail to provide users with a good consumer experience.

Case aboutCar washing machine

Provide preferential, convenient and intelligent car wash services for car owners


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